Our sourcing companies are the heart of NA Group. They ensure that orders are executed on time and in the desired quality.
Group members are located in major business centers in Asia and Europe.

NDA Sources is specialized in the production of zipperbags for the bedding industry, as well as for all kinds of foam cushions.


The head office is in Guangzhou (Kanton), one of the most important trade and industrial centers of China.
Due to its landmark (statue with 5 goats), the town is called ´´the city of the goats“.
The proximity to Hong Kong has a positive impact on the economic development of the city and the entire Pearl River Delta region.


Bettina Zeng

  • Sales Director Assistant

Christinna Liu

  • Sales Manager

David Wang

  • General Manager

Grace Li

  • Shipping Supervisor

Hongwei Du

  • Production Manager

Howard Wang

  • Sales Director

Keshy Wen

  • General Manager Assistant


  • No. 1, West Qilong Road
  • Dalong, Shiqi Town, Panyu District
  • CN-511450, Guangzhou, China
  • Tel. +86 138 0284 0365 David Wang
    Tel. +86 136 0270 8975 Howard Wang
    Office: +86 203 996 0576
  • E-mail: /