Our sourcing companies are the heart of NA Group. They ensure that orders are executed on time and in the desired quality.
Group members are located in major business centers in Asia and Europe.

STAN Asia has been a member of NA Group since 2003.

The company is specialized in supplying the mattress industry with components such as zippers and spacer fabrics.

STAN Asia is located in Shanghai.
While in the 1930s, the city had already blossomed, it has reawakened during the last 10-20 years and is now one of the most popular cities in the world.
The name Shanghai comes from the Chinese words meaning ´´up´´ for Shang and ´´sea´´ for hai.
Together they form ´´On the Sea´´.
Shanghai, also known as ´´Pearl of the Orient´´ and ´´Paris of the East´´, is now the second largest city in China.


Angela Zhou

  • Operations Assistant

Apple Ruan

  • Financial Manager

Emily Ding

  • Export Officer

Joe Zhou

  • Export Manager

Nichole Jin

  • Managing Director

Sarah Lin

  • Operations Assistant


  • Rm 4H, Building 2
  • 365 Nong, XinHua RD
  • Shanghai, China
  • Tel. +86 135 6467 6273 Nichole Jin
  • Office: +86 021 5213 9316
  • E-mail: