Our sourcing companies are the heart of NA Group. They ensure that orders are executed on time and in the desired quality.
Group members are located in major business centers in Asia and Europe.

STAN MK is located in Prilep, Macedonia, one of the largest and most famous centers in the region.

In addition to the textile industry, Prilep has made a name for itself with the production of high quality tobacco and pure white marble under the name Bianco Sivec.

STAN MK was founded in 2015 and has specialized in the supply of the European bedding and mattress industry.
The product portfolio consists of: zippers, spacer fabrics, mattress covers and zipperbags.
Thanks to the very convenient geographic location between Europe, the Middle and Far East, the markets can be optimally managed and supplied from this location.
The favorable labor costs in Macedonia help the company to offer competitive prices.


Martina Aceska

  • Administrative Manager

Sasho Chadamov

  • Managing Director


  • Dimitrie Chupovski 38
  • 7500 Prilep, Macedonia
  • Tel. +38 978 240 100 Sasho Chadamov
  • E-mail: