Product catalogue

At NA Group the client comes first. All requirements are handled with high efficiency and professionalism. Products are the result of close cooperation with long-term production partners. All products are subject to an individual life cycle.
For our product policy this means:

  • Constant product development
  • Existing products are adapted to the constantly changing market conditions
  • No longer commercially viable products are taken off the market

In addition, we monitor external conditions that can affect the various product life cycles, such as underlying economic conditions, competition, investment, climate change or new laws and regulations applicable to our products.

Products categories

NA Group focuses on 3 major product categories:

  • Bedding: pillows, quilts, zipperbags
  • Mattress accesories: zipper fastners, mattress foot protectors, mattress covers
  • Advertising and promotional articles

Thanks to our customized products, we are able to practically cover all customer requirements.

We invite you to explore our website for more detailed information.



Mattress accesories

Promotional articles